Financial Liberation

The Financial Liberation Mentoring Programme. 

Your one of a kind opportunity to build the knowledge, skills and systems required to create financial freedom.

A step by step process to implement the secrets of the wealthy to build the life you deserve.

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Step by Step

Whatever your current level - master the money skills needed to organise your finances, eliminate debt and build wealth for the future

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More than a Course

Weekly lessons plus group coaching and accountability - helping you to burst through your money blocks!

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Wings and Wheels

Combine practical money skills while imprinting the beliefs and attitudes necessary to attract and grow your wealth

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"Dan has a gift for taking the complicated and making it simple. He helped me understand my finances properly for the first time and create an exciting plan for the future, free from worry and debt"

Mary S - Bath

The Financial Liberation Mentoring Programme

A six week programme combining live teaching with group coaching and accountability.

Week 1 - Awareness

Build your understanding of your current financial circumstances and set powerful financial goals for the future

Week 2 - Building Systems

Create money management systems to simplify your financial life and help you stress less.

Week 3 - Credit, what's the Score?

Understand your personal credit score, why it is so important and how to improve it to save you £££s

Week 4 - Destroy your Debt

If you are carrying credit card debt and loans, this week will introduce you to a method to clear your debts in record time, saving you £££s of interest

Week 5 - Emotions, Changing Your Mind About Money

In this module you will examine  your hidden beliefs around money and how they are impacting your life. Learn powerful tools to shift to a more positive money mindset to attract wealth

Week 6 - Future Thinking - Growing Your Wealth

In our final module you will learn the basics of investing and  alternative sources of earning money

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