Now You Know the 7 Steps To Financial Freedom it's Time to Walk them Together

Introducing the Financial Liberation Mentoring programme.

A 6 week live coaching programme, where I will guide you every step of the way towards your brighter financial future.

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This is the right course for you if...

You have ever found yourself saying "I just don't know where it all goes".

Perhaps you earn a better than average salary yet never seem to have enough money at the end of the month.

Maybe you have purchased finance books or even attended courses, yet find yourself in ever growing debt, confusion and worry about money.

You Are Not Alone

Very few of us ever learned about money growing up. It's rarely taught in schools and what you picked up from your parents may have suited their generation but is not relevant today.

Books and courses about money tend to fall into two camps. The entirely practical (and often dull) - set a budget, save for the future etc. Or the manifest your abundance, law of attraction woo woo. 

What Makes This Programme Different?

In my 30+ years of experience teaching and learning about money there is a balance between the practical and the energetic, the wings and the wheels.

Just like a plane needs wings to fly it also needs wheels to take off and land.

This programme will give you the practical action steps to manage your money, clear your debt and build investments for the future. Plus examining your emotions and beliefs which are causing some of your current money issues.

This is a live guided mentoring programme, where I will personally work with you in a small online group setting. You will have the opportunity ask questions, clarify and gain the support and accountability of others on the same journey as you.

fix your money mess image

Part 1 - How To Fix Your Money Mess

Get clear on where your money goes.

Identify and stop any money leaks and set your financial intentions.


changing your mind about money

Part 2 - Time to Change Your Mind About Money

Examine the beliefs around money you developed growing up and how these are affecting you today. 

Then learn powerful techniques to find and eliminate these beliefs to open up to the energy of abundance.


practical steps to improve your financial life

Part 3 - Practical Actions

Destroy your debt, fix your credit score and build a money management system.

Then learn investment strategies to build your wealth and create an  awesome financial future!

Yes Please

I'm ready to fix my money mess, destroy my debt and build an awesome financial future!

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Key benefits from this course


Learning about money can be fun!

Now that's not something you hear every day.

This 6 week mentoring programme will prove to be one of the best investments you ever make.

Join a fun and supportive group all moving through their money journey together.

Benefit from weekly teaching on a particular aspect of your financial life. PLUS enjoy the support, guidance and accountability from your experienced money mentor. PLUS the uplifting effect of being part of a community all on the same path as you.

Unlike a book or some other 'shelf help' method, the Financial Liberation Mentoring Programme will help you to finally get things done and start feeling good about your finances!

If you do nothing, in 6 weeks your situation will be the same or worse. The debt, worry and anxiety will still be there. So too the sleepless nights and fights with your significant other.

Or you can take action, commit to your growth and experience a total transformation in your financial life.

Risk Free Guarantee

I so firmly believe in the transformation that this programme will bring you I am making a bold guarantee. If you play full out, attend the sessions and do the exercises - you will make or save more than the cost of the programme. Fail to do that and I will happily refund the fee.

Yes Please

I'm ready to create a positive money mindset, be a great money manager and finally feel good about my finances!

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